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16 Aug

#TalentTuesday – Priscilla Bukasa


Hello everyone I am sorry that I have not posted a new artist in a while. I had to catch up with life and responsibilities. And I was trying to work on different ways to improve my blog. I am still working on upgrading it, But I am back now to introduce to you guys the next artist for #TalentTuesday. Today artist is is Priscilla Bukasa,

31 May

#TalentTuesday – Reese Whyte


Hey hey hey, I am back at it again with the #TalentTuesdays posts. Today’s artist is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Wanna find out why? Well keep on reading. Now when I first started out and released my site I got a lot of feedback about how amazing and professional it looked. Well guess what? this beauty here helped me with it. I had other help which will be talked about in another #TalentTuesday post 😉 .

24 May

#TalentTuesday – Amanda Okafor


Amanda Social Media Links

Hello again you sexy mofos. Today I wanted to take the time to truly appreciate and show some love to this artist being featured today…..AMANDA OKAFOR! Aka the sugar in my tea, my chocolate drizzle! Now just to give you a little intro about this amazing woman, she is an Immigrant youth counselor, a poet, an artist, a friend, sometimes she’s funny….. jk, and to top it all off and make it even better, she is genuinely beautiful from the inside out.