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13 Mar

Neon Trends

Top ▫️TLZFEMME ➖ Bodysuit ▫️DOLLSKILL➖ Pants ▫️HouseofCB ➖ Shoes ▫️PrincessPolly

Listen I know I have been gone for a while but your girl has been sick and busy. But now I am back in full effect ready to slay your timeline.

I decided to slide back into your lives and brighten up your day… literally. Obviously most of you have seen the neon trend on social media. I was honestly getting tired of it because people were just overdoing it. But then i ran into an item from a brand that I have loved for a while and that is TLZFEMME. Been a huge fan of the company and always wanted a few of their pieces so as soon as I saw it available on Dollskill I snatched it so fast my clicking finger almost came off.

I decided to to pair the beautiful crop top a bodysuit because it is cold as hell in Calgary. And finish it off with my new favorite utility trousers from HouseofCB. If you do not know about HouseofCB you better not say it out loud and go check them out now.

Anyways enough of my rambling! How did I do for the neon trend? Pass or Fail? Let me know in the comment down below. Till next time my loves.

Chinenye Otakpor