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10 Jan

Hat’s Off

Sweater ◊ AlexaPope → Jeans ◊ Zara → Bag ◊ Aldo → Shoes ◊ BooHoo → Hat ◊ Brixton → Sunglasses ◊ Princesspolly
Well hello again, I hope you are all doing well? I got a few inquires about my accident and I am doing good guys. It was a lot to register but I truly am okay mentally and physically. I had to be okay because of my job and school so it feels good to be back to my normal self. Of course I had to be extra and keep slaying this month. While I was picking out this outfit I was listening to Bad and Bougee by Migos and lets just say I was feeling myself just a little too much. Every girl has that one song that brings out the inner savage in her and well I can proudly say that I don's have just one I actually have five.... don't judge me.

It took me a while to find this sweater in the color I wanted and I found the site I got it from through an amazing blogger on Instagram called phoenixlauren as soon as I found this sweater I screamed. The sizing can be a little off depending on how you want it to look. I wanted a more baggy and relaxed looked so I bought a large and it was perfect. Of course I am late to the house perplex shoe trend but I had these babies in my closet for so long and I finally decided to wear them paired with my favorite jeans ;) How do you guys like the look? Would you rock this look? Well let me know down in the comment below.


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