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3 Nov

All Tied Up

Sweater ♥ PrincessPolly 〉〉 Jacket ♥ ThpShop (SOLDOUT) 〉〉 Pants ♥ ShopAkira 〉〉 Boots ♥ NA-KD


Hey loves, I hope you had a great Halloween weekend? It was cold and rainy here in Calgary so I never actually left my house for Halloween, I just handed out candy to the little goobers out there. I don’t know if it it is just Calgary but there does not seem to be much enthusiasm for Halloween anymore. I remember every year rain or snow lots of kids would still show up, but this year I could count on my fingers how many kids showed up at my house. It was a little sad, but then I got more candy to myself which cancels out my sadness.

As if my candy wasn’t enough , I got to top it off with this riskayyyy sweater. Ladies if you have big boobs you might have to wear something underneath… well depending on how risky you are ;). I clearly didn’t because I just have nipples for boobs so I never have to worry. But this sweater is perfect for the days you want to be nice and cozy but also show a little skin. it truly provides the best of both worlds, everything from the knit material to the rolled turtleneck makes the sweater a must have in your winter wardrobe. Since the sweater added all the oomphh I needed I styled it with simple black leather pants and thigh high boots with a frayed camel coat for extra warmth. How do you guys like it? Would you wear this sweater for winter? Let me know down in the comments. Till next time have a safe weekend everyone.

Chinenye Otakpor