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27 Sep

Sherlock Holmes Vibes

Shawl ♥ Zara (SOLDOUT) 〉〉 Bodysuit ♥ ShopAkira 〉〉 Hat ♥ PrincessPolly 〉〉 Bag ♥ PrincessPolly  〉〉 Boots ♥ NA-KD

Hey guys, don’t judge me but I had to channel my inner Sherlock Holmes for this look. When I put this look together I laughed really hard because I thought I looked ridiculous buuuutttt after staring for about 20 mins it grew on me. I have had this shawl for years and it is literally the comfiest piece of clothing I own. Not sure if you can tell how thick it is but my goodness guys this will keep you warm. This is the perfect outfit for Calgary weather. Because in Calgary  the sun will be out and it will say it is 20 degrees Celsius outside but yet it will be windy and cold. this is the perfect outfit for that in between weather. Do you like it? let me know down in the comment below. like always all the details are listed above. Have a great week guys =)

Chinenye Otakpor