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24 Jul

Rain Drop Crop Tops?

Top ♥ Winners 〉〉 Pants ♥ ShopAkira 〉〉 Necklace & Chokers ♥ Aldo  〉〉 Bag ♥ NA-KD ♥ Earrings ♥ Tembo Jewellers

Well hey there! How was your weekend? Hopefully it was good. Mine was definitely exhausting, but at least I was able to slay all weekend long. This outfit was part of the weekend long slayage. I am in love with the army green pants from @shopakira. I have been trying to find pants like this that fit my waist properly and behold I saw these babies online. They fit perfectly, the ankle has a zipper attached so you are not constantly struggling to fit you feet through it or out of it. And it is the right amount of baggy… well for me at least. I styled it with a make do tank top that I got from winners a little while ago, and stacked on some chokers. I went all out accessorizing this look because it was so simple that over stacking jewelry would not ruin it. I hope you like how I styled this outfit. Leave any comments of questions down below and like always details for all the items are listed above. Have a great week everyone. Till next time =)

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