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25 Oct

#TalentTuesday – Cynthia Okafor


Cynthia Okafor

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Hello once again you sexy beasts. I am sorry the #TalentTuesday posts have been lacking. I wanted to introduce a new concept of interviewing the artists and posting it here so they themselves can tell you about their work and why they decided to do what they do. But with my school and work schedule it has been a bit challenging to incorporate that idea. So in the mean time I will continue the#TalentTuesday posts till I have the time and equipment to interview the artists. Now today’s talented artist is Cynthia Okafor, a beautiful aspiring makeup artist, amazing mother and friend. The last name may sound family and that is because her sister Amanda Okafor has been mentioned in  a previous #TalentTuesday post. So the awesomeness and talent runs in the family. I have admired Cynthia Okafor’s work for a while now and I love that she always tries to continuously improve her work. Being a makeup artist is not easy. I barely know how to put makeup on my own face come to talk about trying to put it on for someone else and making it look good lol. We also do not ave enough makeup artists for women of color here in Calgary so it is definitely nice to see a fellow sister working towards achieving her dream. The one thing I also like is the fact that she can take on various clients from various ethnicities. That is when doing someone else’s makeup also becomes challenging because you have to learn to work with an entirely different skin-tone and skin-type that you would normally be used to lol. And she always does a wonderful job. I have seen her work first hand because she did my mom and aunts makeup for a wedding. She did such a good job my mom kept trying to pass for one of my sisters because Cynthia made her look too good and hyped her up LOL. With that being said if you live in Calgary and you are looking for a makeup artist I highly recommend her. All her contact information is listed above and I also posted some pictures of a few of her clients so far. Enjoy and have a great week everyone =)



Chinenye Otakpor