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31 May

#TalentTuesday – Reese Whyte


Hey hey hey, I am back at it again with the #TalentTuesdays posts. Today’s artist is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Wanna find out why? Well keep on reading. Now when I first started out and released my site I got a lot of feedback about how amazing and professional it looked. Well guess what? this beauty here helped me with it. I had other help which will be talked about in another #TalentTuesday post 😉 . But today we are focusing on how amazing Reese Whyte is. I barely know Reese, I met her a couple times through a mutual friend and we became friends on Facebook. I would always see her amazing artwork featured and it was so beautiful. I also saw that she helped design some websites for people so I decided to reach out to her out of the blue. This girl with no hesitation agreed to help me out. She designed my logo, set up the slideshow, set up many of the sites functions and kept up with my crazy and high demands…. which I give her props for lol. She literally helped queensplayground become as visually appealing as it is now and made my vision come to life. She continuously helped me through the process and even helped me with some of the techy stuff that I know nothing about. Now I don’t know about you guys but when someone you barely know goes out of their way to help you achieve an amazing goal you set out for your self, they deserve all the recognition in the world and more. Not only is she beautiful and smart she is also an amazing artist. The link to where you can find her artwork is listed above. And if you need help starting up your own site, don’t play your self go to Reese. Her business email is Any additional info about Reese and where you can find her artwork is listed above. Have an awesome week everyone and don’t forget to show Reese some love. 🙂

Chinenye Otakpor