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3 May



Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well? Today I want to introduce to you guys a new platform that I thought would be super awesome. TALENT TUESDAY! Basically, talent Tuesday is going to be my way of showing support for any local artist or talented individual just starting out in Calgary, or even anywhere in Canada. You can be a makeup artist, fashion blogger, artist, youtuber, aspiring suga daddy or suga mamma….jk about the last two. You can be anything, just as far as you need some support and maybe some followers to get there. I just want to show YOU, whoever you maybe that I support you. Venturing out and doing what you love outside of what is expected from you can be very scary, trust me I know. As Many of you know I am a disability support worker, so having a fashion and lifestyle blog does not really go hand in hand with my career, but I love and need it. I like blogging because it is fun and it helps me relieve some stress and take my mind off whatever problems or issues I face at my job. Ever since I started my blog, I have been receiving a great deal of support from my friends, family and even strangers. So it is definitely nice to see when people believe in you, because it helps motivate you even more. So I will do my best to try and keep up with all the talented individuals, but I may need some help finding more talented individuals at some point. So if you have any one in mind that is just starting out like me and needs any type of support send me an email at Thank you and I hope you all have an awesome week.

Chinenye Otakpor