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3 May

#TalentTuesdays- Titi Oloruntola

2016-05-03 00.58.53

Hello you sexy beasts. Welcome back to my blog. I hope you had a great start to your week? Today I want to introduce the first talented individual for my talent Tuesday platform. TITI! Today I want to talk about how much of a great makeup artist my friend Titi is. When we first met 3 years ago the first thing I noticed was her weird personality. I tried to escape the friendship when I realized it, but I couldn’t because she threatened my eyebrows. And you cannot live a full and happy life with no eyebrows. So I stayed mostly because her makeup was always bomb, and I wanted to know her tricks. After a while she told me that she started a beauty blog called Beyondthebrushes. I was super proud of her because her makeup skills are amazing and I knew she had the potential to go great things with her beauty blog. She is in school, so it can get a little challenging to keep up with posting on social media, but I can assure you guys all you need is one picture to see her skills. She was recently the makeup artist for another friend of mine a her wedding and she did an amazing job. I see very few black makeup artists in Calgary and she is definitely at the top of my list. I will link all of her social media pages above. So go show her some love I promise you wont regret it. Have an aweosome week everyone ;).

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