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25 Mar

Get Rid of Dry Hands!



 *Nothing on this post is sponsored I purchased the products with my own money

Hi everyone I hope you are all doing awesome. I came here today to share a skin care product with you. So I live in Calgary where it is super dry and cold, so everything from your hair to your eyeballs get dry. But the one thing that really bothers me when it is dry are my hands, mostly because first of all your hands are noticeable, so when  they look dry and cracked it is unappealing. Second, when your hands get dry it can crack, blister or peel and it hurts. So to avoid all that I always exfoliate my hands. I usually used a DIY hand exfoliator made from Honey, brown sugar, and olive oil (I do still use it occasionally), but then I found the sugar hand scrub at bath and body works while exploring one day and I loved it at first try. I am always scared to use products on my hands sometimes because I have a really bad burn from years ago on my left hand so it is a little more sensitive than usual. and I get eczema on my hands so when I use anything scented it really flares it up and makes my eczema worse. The sugar hand scrub from bath and body works was perfect it has a tiny scent to it but not enough to irritate my skin. It truly left my skin super soft for a couple days. I use it once or twice a week depending on how my hands are looking. I usually use the scrub at night and after I use the scrub, I slather the glysomed hand cream on my hands and put on night gloves and go to sleep. Try it, you hands will feel soft all day the next day. Another great use for this product is, when exfoliating your hands really work it into your cuticles and it helps get rid of the dry skin/cuticle. The  price was not too bad it was around 15 Canadian Dollars and it last a long time. I have had mine for 2 months now, so a little goes a long way. They have other scrubs that I may try out, if I do I will come back with a review for you. Have a awesome long weekend everyone and leave a comment down below telling me about your experience with the product =).

Chinenye Otakpor