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12 Feb

Brightening Masks





Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you ladies and gents 2 brightening masks that I cannot seem to live without. These two masks listed above are my ride or die, especially the pumpkin mask. Most of you already know that I have oily skin so every product I use is meant to help control my oil and the inflammation and blemishes that comes with having oily skin. I use a lot of masks because I like the effects they have on my skin. I alternate between these 2 masks when my skin is starting to look a little dull and dry and they never fail me. I listed the masks by best results and highest price. =)

Pumpkin Mask (C$34)
⇒ The pumpkin mask from Michael Todd is such an amazing product I can’t even begin to describe it. I rarely rave about products but this has changed my skin. It brightens your skins, helps reduce your pores and blemishes and it smells good (depending on if you like the smell of pumpkins). The product description states that if you have sensitive skin it may irritate your skin, but I have sensitive skin and I tried it anyways and I was fine for me. It has a weird tingling sensation when you put it on but it goes away after a minute. You can leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes only because of how strong it is (I leave it on for 10 mins.) do not go over that time. The downside for some people may be the price as it is C$34. But, I think it is a great investment as it will last you for a couple months because it recommends using it every 1-2 weeks. And, a little goes a long way. For more information on the benefits of this product click on the link above. =)

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Mud Mask (C$9)

⇒ I came across this mask while I was browsing through the skincare section are my local superstore and I saw it there just whispering touch me i am meant for chocolate girls…. just kidding but seriously, I was drawn to it right away because first it is a mud mask and second it has vitamin C. Mud masks are super awesome for any skin type as most of you already know, because mud masks are one of the most popular kind of masks out there. This one especially is great it dries out and tightens your skin but it does not leave your skin dry. As soon are you wash it off your skin immediately looks radiant and fresh. Also the best part of this mask is that it is 9 dollars! Only 9 dollars and a little goes a long way  so it will last for months. This mask is seriously amazing guys I highly recommend it. =)

*Nothing on this post is sponsored I purchased the products with my own money

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