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3 May

#TalentTuesdays- Titi Oloruntola

2016-05-03 00.58.53

Hello you sexy beasts. Welcome back to my blog. I hope you had a great start to your week? Today I want to introduce the first talented individual for my talent Tuesday platform. TITI! Today I want to talk about how much of a great makeup artist my friend Titi is. When we first met 3 years ago the first thing I noticed was her weird personality. I tried to escape the friendship when I realized it, but I couldn’t because she threatened my eyebrows.

3 May



Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well? Today I want to introduce to you guys a new platform that I thought would be super awesome. TALENT TUESDAY! Basically, talent Tuesday is going to be my way of showing support for any local artist or talented individual just starting out in Calgary, or even anywhere in Canada. You can be a makeup artist, fashion blogger, artist, youtuber, aspiring suga daddy or suga mamma….jk about the last two.