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23 Oct


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Hey babes, I hope you have all been doing well? I have been busy and exhausted for the last little while hence the lack of posts. But I have gotten my shit together this week and decided to come back and slay. Now this look is now added to my list of favorites. Although I need get alot of wondering looks with this outfit lol… im pretty sure people were wondering who the hell I thought I was. But hey if you dont get that reaction whats the point? Anways i felt like a bad ass character from a video game ready to fight a muthafucka. And the bag guys i wish i could get it in every colour it was really one of the main items that added the right amount of edge to this outfit.

Anyways as always let me know what you think. Links and discount for each item is listed above. Till next time guys 😊

Chinenye Otakpor