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3 Jul


Hola my loves, I hope you all had a great weekend! We had the honor of celebrating Canada Day here over this past weekend. I had the honor of spending my weekend with my family and friends laughing and eating every minute of the day and to top it off Miller Genuine Draft decided to add to our fun and provide the drinks for the weekend. Now I am a huge beer drinker but it was my first time drinking Miller Genuine Draft beer and I have to say I was impressed. Now I know most of you will think I am getting paid to say that but I am not although it is sponsored. I  was not paid to write about it or even post it. I did it on my own accord because I genuinely loved the genuine draft… see what I did there…. you don’t have to laugh.
In all honesty, something about receiving free liquor makes any event much more fun. But getting the chance to work with a beer company like Miller Genuine Draft with a product that’s actually worth talking about was amazing. I cannot tell you how much I drank but I will tell you it was significant enough for my alter ego to come out. But there will be many more opportunities for me to introduce her to you guys. Till then I look forward to sharing the MGD experience with you. Till next time my loves, have an amazing week!
Chinenye Otakpor