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21 Jul

Girls Night Out

Dress ♥ Doublethelove&Co 〉〉 Boots ♥ Aldo 〉〉 Earrings ♥ Aldo

Hey guys I know I have been gone for a while. Work and life got super busy for me and I had to take a Break once again to catch up. But I am back in full slay. I am so happy it is Friday, there is just something so magical about Fridays I just can’t explain. I know you guys feel it too. Once its Friday my alter ego comes out and things get real. This dress from @doubletheloveco is definitely channeling the alter ego. I love dresses like this with the sexy high slit because they make me feel sexy and I can easily dress it up or down. And the dress also allows you to control which side you want the slit on just in case you have a side preference. This dress and many more items from @doubletheloveco has me wanting to spend all my money. I will definitely be showing you guys a few more items soon. Let me know what you think down in the comments below. Till next time. Have a safe weekend everyone =)

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