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29 Jun

Qui Qui

Dress ♥ PrincessPolly 〉〉 Beret ♥ PrincessPolly 〉〉 Boots ♥ NA-KD 〉〉 Bracelets ♥ Lulus

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Hey lovelies I hope you are all doing well. I felt super productive this week, so I am feeling goooood. One thing that added to my great mood was this amazing outfit I put together. it made me feel so sophisticated and sexy. I never really reached for beret’s before but when I saw this grey Brixton beret on sale I knew I needed to have it. I styled it with this amazing black tie dress and knee high boots. I wanted to go for a risky but sophisticated look and adding this grey beret made it perfect. I loved how this outfit turned out I will definitely be wearing it again. Let me know what you think down below. Till next time guys have a great week. 🙂

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