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1 May

Anti Winter

Sweater ♥ Zara 〉〉 Pants ♥ PepperMayo 〉〉 Shoes ♥ Zara 〉〉 Hoop Earrings ♥ NA-KD 〉〉 Bracelets ♥ Joe Fresh

Well guess who back pretending like nothing ever happened…lol. No but seriously guys I took such a long break because I had so many exams and essays to write at the end of the semester. No words can describe how exhausting it was. Buutttttt, now I am done school till September and I am making some changes to my blog. So let me just jump right back into your lives with this post and pretend like I was never gone lol. This outfit was inspired by Calgary’s failure to transition into spring properly. All we have gotten is snow rain and scattered sunshine. , so sweater season is not over just yet. I got a little obsessed with these tie waist sweaters. Remember the large purple one I had in a previous post weeks ago? Well this is the white version. This sweater is super comfy and perfect for that those cold days that don’t require a jacket but a sweater is needed. Paired with a comfy pair of baggy pants and black heels to to add to the comfortable but sexy vibe. I hope you guys like it. Leave any feedback you have down below telling me what you think. Till Next time have an awesome week =)

Chinenye Otakpor