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13 Dec

Top Products for Oily Skin

Hello, I hope you week is going well so far? Well if  not, will me telling you that we are suffering through  -30 here in Calgary make it a little better? if that made you feel better you are just as petty as I am lol. Today is something I am actually super excited to talk about and as you can see from the photo its MAKEUP! I have never posted anything makeup related and I decided  that it was time to incorporate that in my weekly post because I get a lot of questions about the makeup I use. the first picture has a few items I use to keep my skin looking smooth and flawless and the second picture displays my top 4 foundations. Now lets get on to the review.


Picture 1 (from the RIGHT)

SonicBLEND Foundation Brush: Seriously guys this brush is bomb. I first saw it on the Michael Todd site and i really wanted to buy but I was like nah I don’t need a sonic blending brush that’s doing too much. YES I DID lol. This brush really made a big difference in the application of my makeup. It made my skin look airbrushed I was very surprised. I had to use it a couple of times so I could give a honest review and I love it. I will be showing you guys a demo and a more in depth review in another post next week so stay tuned.

Cover FX Orange corrector ($24): I use this orange corrector under my eyes and on my eyelids to cover any dark circles or pigmentation. This is one of the best color corrector I have tried. It is very pigmented and has a nice velvety feel to it when you apply. You always have to wait a little for it to dry before putting on your foundation so it does not move.

YSL Touche Eclat ($50): This is very pricey but I bought it while sephora was having a promotion. I love this luminizing pen. A lot of people ask me how I get my under-eye highlight to pop and this is the trick after I apply my normally under-eye concealer I add a little bit of the touche eclat on top to add a luminous effect. It may seem like an extra step but I see a different in my makeup when I don’t use it.

Michael Todd Mattifying Gel Corrector ($51) : This a primer and a skin treatment all in one. It your skin gives a velvet like matte look to your skin,while improving the texture,  reducing your pore size and toning your skin. I use this when I know I am going to have my makeup on all day. 90 percent of the time I mix it my moisturizer so I can get 2 things done at once. trust me it works and a little goes a long way so don’t get too crazy

Picture 2

Now out of all the foundations I own… don’t ask me how many lol, this is my top 4. Now having a top 4 foundation might seem like a lot but trust me when I say every girl with oily skin has more than 1 foundation that she uses. The one thing all 4 of these foundations have in common is that they are all OIL FREE and they help keep my oil at bay for a long time. Now there are  a lot of things I do to prep my skin in the first place to get it to stay matte but the formulation for each of these foundations really plays a big part too. The one with the best color range from whats listed above is Lancome and CoverFX. As for the other 2 I was lucky enough to find my color but the color options for people of color was not very vast. I will rate how long lasting each foundation is on a scale of 1 to 10. With 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation ($55) My color: 530 Suede – 8/10

Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation ($46) My color: N 100 – 8/10

BECCA Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundation ($51) My color: SandalWood – 7/10

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation ($25) My color: Tuscany Chestnut 080 – 6/10


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