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12 Feb

Detoxifying Masks



Hi everyone, I wanted to put out this post for my fellow ladies and gents who may like to fall asleep with their makeup on , or go to bed without washing your face. I see you and I feel your pain. I do work a lot and I am almost a certified workaholic, so sometimes when I get back home I am too tired and lazy to wash my face. I am never too tired to wipe the makeup off completely, It’s washing my face that takes up time. I rarely fall asleep without washing my face, but when I do I use the Kaolin Clay mask the next morning for 10- 15 minutes and I never break out. This mask is seriously a life saver because I would never have been able to fall asleep without washing my face and have no pimples when I wake up. I use it 2-3 times a week to keep my face clear. Think I am lying about it’s effects, then try it out for your self and you will not be disappointed. Now a little disclaimer it is pretty strong so if you have super sensitive skin I would not recommend it because it has a minor tingling feeling when you put it on. But, I have sensitive skin and it worked fine for me.

The charcoal mask is a milder version of the Kaolin clay. There is no tingling sensation and it is moisturizing. I alternate between both when I fall asleep without washing my face and they are both amazing. I use the Charcoal Mask when my skin is feeling dry after I fall asleep with my makeup on. And, I use the Kaolin Clay Mask when my skin feels super greasy or oily when I fall asleep without washing my face. For more info on each product click on the link above. =)

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